About Us


About Us!

We are a couple and our story is like many others, we grew up in small towns -- Yarmouth, NS & Meteghan, NS to be exact. We moved to Halifax, NS for work and have been there for 8 years. We have traveled throughout the Maritimes and are amazed at the beautiful landscapes and kindness of people in these provinces. We have met many people that have moved here from abroad and they can't believe how helpful and welcoming people are here and that they made the right choice. We had always thought of making a clothing line representing the Maritimes but one day we decided to do it. The name was first and it just came to us immediately. Next was what could represent the Maritimes effectively and we chose Lighthouses since the first one in Canada was built in Cape Breton. We have many historic lighthouses here that locals like to visit and tourists come from all over the world to see them. We hope our line reflects the Maritimes and the pride people have to live here. After all no matter where you live you will always be a Maritimer at heart.